Kjetil M. Hay has for over 20 years worked in the Healthcare-industry. In January 2014 he established KMH Consult.



  • US Surgical Corporation (Auto Suture) 1990-1998
  • Tyco Healthcare/Covidien 1998-2010
  • GE Healthcare 2010-2014

Since December 1990 Hay worked in the Healthcare-industry. He was first employed at
US Surgical Corporation (USSC). The sales organisation at USSC was known as Auto Suture. 


From June 2010 until January 2014, Hay worked as an Account Manager for GE Healthcare Norway and was responsible for all business towards the hospitals in middle- and northern part of Norway. The product range was MRI, CT, X-ray, Nuclear, Ultra sound and Anaesthesia.


April 2001 Hay went through a four-week intensive course in Elancourt, France on the subject of electrosurgery.

2003-2010 Worked as an instructor for new employees at Covidiens main office in Elancourt, outside Paris, France.

2002-2010 Held many courses for surgeons and nurses at Norwegian hospitals.
The courses was well received because of its content and relevance in the use of diathermy, ultrasonic devices and vessel sealing.

Surgical instruments

March 1991 After an eight week intensive course in Norwalk, Connecticut, Hay was daily in the operating-theatre giving verbal assistance in the use of equipment per operative. He was responsible for implementing surgical staplers, laparoscopic/thoracoscopic instruments, sutures og mesh.

Hay was covering all hospitals in middle- and northern part of Norway until 2001.


  • NCH Corporation 1982-1987
  • Norenco 1987-1988
  • Ultra System 1988-1990