Universal approach to operating electro-medical equipment

KMH Consult's courses intends to raise the healthcare professionals expertise on correct use of electrosurgical equipment in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The course is about how to handle devices in a technical and correct way.



Who will the course benefit?

The course is designed for both nurses and surgeons. On request KMH can offer courses tailored especially for each professions. The course is neutral and not connected to any vendor or manufacturer of electrosurgical equipment, and will apply to all different equipment found in hospitals today. The course typically lasts for about 80 minutes.

Post course the participants will have to pass an exam, and receive an approved course diploma for documentation.


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The courses cover Norwegian legal regulations on operating with medical equipment. The regulations purpose is to ensure that the medical equipment are safe, maintained and used responsible for its intended purpose.

See the legal text here (Norwegian)